I ain’t really a cowpoke. I’m a fan of Cowboy Poetry, but I can’t write about ranchin’ and rodeoin’ ’cause I’m a city slicker.
So I take popular Urban Legends and retell them Cowboy Poet style.
I hope you enjoy them.

Have you heard the urban legend  The Constipated Elephant? Then you will enjoy: Death by Dung   

How about Alligators in the Sewers? My version is: Big Apple Gators

You will recognize the legend Scuba Divers and Forest Fires in: Fire Divin’

Chess Player’s Head Explodes, in cowpoke style, becomes: Chess Master Disaster

My poetic version of The Death of Little Mikey is: Let’s Get Mikey! 

Now enjoy these and many more legends! Click on any title at the top of this page.


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