The Flash

Sherrie kissed her husband Rob
as he caught a train to his brand new job
She wished him luck and kissed him twice
but she wanted to do somethin’ extra nice
So Sherrie decided to flash

There weren’t much chance of her arrest
Besides, she did have really nice breasts
But Tim was drivin’ by the station
He saw her and lost concentration
An’ that’s when his taxi crashed

A medical buildin’ was the accident scene
where Bryan was in the chair havin’ teeth cleaned
Pam the hygienist was gettin’ him flossed
when the cab crashed in and his chair got tossed
and into her fingers he gnashed

Bryan suffered from badly torn gums
Pam lost two fingers and a thumb
Tim was diagnosed with whiplash
Bricks fell on Sherrie an’ her head got bashed
all because she decided to flash

But Rob spent the day at his new workplace
with a great big smile all over his face
He learned his new job with no trouble at all
He was glad, up until the hospital called,
that Sherrie decided to flash

© April 1, 2015



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