Best-Dressed Kangaroo

A high-style fashion magazine sent a team to the bush Down Under
The ideas they come up with really make you start to wonder
T’were a odd location to put on a fashion shoot
Modellin’ clothes amidst the wallaby, wombat and bandicoot

Their four-by-fours were caravannin’ through that there Outback
when the Jeep Cherokee in the lead hit somethin’ with a Whack!
The models in the RV were awaken from their sleep
They climbed out to find a kangaroo lyin’ still aside the Jeep

Claude, the photographer, said “Look, I’ve got an idee
Let’s prop up this dead kangaroo agin this ol’ gum tree”
He brought out a pile o’clothes and wit’ the help o’ all the girls
they dressed the roo in basic black wit’ a simple strand o’ pearls

The models were delighted that they’d found a blouse her size
All the girls in unison said “time to accessorize”
They knew there weren’t no high heels that would fit on kangaroos
They searched the RV high an’ low but they couldn’t find clown shoes

Claude’s own Gucci jacket completed the stylish look
He’d feature the roo in a sidebar in the next month’s book
They dressed her like a femme fatale in a James Bond magazine spread
Only problem was this animal was shaken, not dead

That momma kangaroo sprang up an’ shot off like a rocket
The Joey riding’ in her pouch went riflin’ through Claude’s pocket
That little critter swallowed the photographer’s car keys
His passport, plane tix, rolls of film went floatin’ on the breeze

Claude chased her in the Australian heat til he was tuckered out
A hunnert degrees just weren’t his idea of a walkabout
The models lingered outside long enough to get a tan
then retired to sip cocktails in their air-conditioned van

That long-tailed beast went leapin’ home dressed in the latest fashion
Her reflection in a billabong showed her that she looked smashin’
When she meets wit’ her marsupial pals high style might just be catchy
Every female roo will want a pouch made by Versacci

The modellin’ session was a bust; it was time to go
The photog was exhausted; ‘sides, the mini-bar was low
An’ the world’s best-dressed kangaroo was never agin seen
til she showed up on the cover of a rival magazine


© Jan 1, 2016