Disney on Ice

Dead might not be dead in the case of ol’ Walt Disney
He’s the guy that invented imagination, isn’ he?
Cancer had destroyed his lung; it seemed his time had ended
This man of vision had a plan to git his life extended

Uncle Walt had hisself froze in nineteen sixty-six
Th’ idea was to suspend his life til science found a fix
He’ll hibernate ’til doctors make a cure for his lung cancer
He still directs the fam’ly business, through a necromancer

Disneyland is the location of his cryonic berth
Ain’t no better site to chill than the happiest place on earth
He tole his fam’ly “Don’t you fret, ‘cause I got it all planned
They’ll find a cure then wake me up in Tomorrowland

“Under Pirates of the Caribbean is where I want to be
Yo Ho, Yo Ho a second life for me
I don’t care how long it takes until I see the light
I’ll have a nice long snooze, like Sleepin’ Beauty or Snow White”

When I went to that there magic kingdom with my grandson
I met Walt’s ghost a-wanderin’ around the Haunted Mansion
He tole me how his body wound up down below in deep-freeze
“I encouraged innovation an’ my employees aimed to please

“One pinned a suggestion on the cork board wit’ a thumbtack
That’s how we began the plan to imagineer my comeback”
Walt said “I see I still bring joy to modern boys and girls
An’ like the song, I want to be Part of Your World

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow waitin’ at the end o’ every day
I am still a kid at heart, an’ I still want to play
When I’m reborn I jes’ might find myself a new young wife
It’ll be part of that there circle, the circle of life”

If Walt Disney does return, is it a miracle of cryonics?
Or jes’ the whole world bein’ fooled by disney animatronics?
Be ready when they thaw him out if you want to see ol’ Walt
They’ll release him for a couple years, then it’s back in the Disney vault

© August 1, 2016