Fun with Lemmings


Way up north the lemmings march undaunted to the sea
although the Arctic Ocean is as cold as cold can be
They run in packs of millions as if they’re stupefied
Their life’s purpose seems to be commit mass suicide

We know this for a fact ’cause we were told by ol’ Walt Disney
He’s the nature filmmaker who’s always truthful, isn’t he?
In the makin’ o’ his movie the biologists were ignored
The lemming documentary won a Academy Award

So what if filmers flung the critters off of a turntable?
Folks the whole world over have come to b’lieve this fable
The scenes where lemming corpses were floatin’ in the ocean
convinced scholars an’ reporters to perpetuate this notion

What if the little rodents have a real strong swimmin’ stroke?
The word ‘lemming’ has become a self-destruction joke
Can’t speak for Disney folks but I’ll sleep fine when I git home
There weren’t no cute little animals harmed in the writin’ of this poem.

September 1, 2015